Our FAQs should cover any questions you have for us and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at info@childrenofadam.org.uk.

Where and when can I find you?

We set up our stall on the corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3TL closest to the LSE New Academic building on Sardinia Street every Sunday promptly at 5.30pm. Check out our map!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

As we are an outdoor soup kitchen come rain or sunshine, make sure you come prepared for weather on the day.

Do I need previous experience to join you?

Not at all! We just ask that you come with a smile and your sleeves rolled up.

Can I cook food and bring it to serve out?

If you would like to cook food and bring it, it’s much easier to pre-package it into boxes before you come. This enables a smooth running of soup kitchen (especially when the weather is not on our side!) and allows volunteers to hand it out easily. Please do let us know beforehand what you would like to bring and how many portions via email. This is so we can ensure there is no surplus in food and there are enough volunteers.

If you would like to serve hot soup, please make sure you have all the utensils you need and sealable serving pots to make it easier for our guests.

Can I bring tea/coffee to serve out?

Every week our core volunteers bring tea, coffee and a soya alternative for our guests. You are welcome to donate to this particular aspect of Children of Adam, please email info@childrenofadam.org.uk.

I would like to bring some non-hot food items with me when I volunteer, what’s useful?

We are always happy to receive extra food. Please make sure it’s in date and can be eaten easily (i.e. doesn’t need preparation).

Nice extras to have are juice cartons (either individual or large that we can pour into cups), biscuits, desserts, cake, crisps and fruit.

Can I bring clothing items to donate?

Of course! Please let us know in advance to confirm. All clothes need to be in good condition and washed.

We mainly are in need of men’s clothes whereas we do not have many guests who are women. We thankfully do not need children’s clothes.

Popular items of clothing are men’s underwear (must be brand new), thermals, socks, trousers and t-shirts (M-L).

Can I bring sanitary items?

Yes please do! While a handful of women come to Children of Adam, sanitary items are much needed and appreciated for all our guests.

Can I donate sleeping bags or blankets?

We tend to get requests for these so usually source when requested. Feel free to let us know you are interested in donating and we can contact you when our guests ask for these items.

We are a large group of students/volunteers who want to lend a hand, is that okay?

The more, the merrier! If you’re a group of 4+ let us know in advance that you’re coming so that we can make sure there’s something for you to help with. Although plenty of volunteers is a good problem to have!

Can I bring my children to help volunteer?

We love having little helpers so bring them along but please note they are your responsibility to look after.

Is there anywhere to store my belongings?

As we are outdoors, we don’t have anywhere to store belongings to it is probably best to carry a small backpack.

Can I take photographs when I volunteer?

We can only allow photos of volunteers or of food being prepared. No photos that show our guests can be taken as we need to respect their privacy.

Can I park near the soup kitchen?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking around Lincoln’s Inn fields and surrounding streets. Please make sure you read the signs and watch out for temporary restrictions.

I would love to dedicate my time but can’t make it on Sundays, can I donate money instead?

Just £3 is enough to provide one of our guests with a complete meal of meatballs and rice, sandwich, fruit, cold and hot drink and a dessert. You can donate using the following details:

Al-Mizan Charitable Trust

Sort code: 40-52-40
Account Number: 00095718

Reference: CofA

Please ensure you use the reference.

Or click here to donate online.

COA has no overheads so all your donations will be spent on providing for our guests.

(Please note COA cannot accept Zakat/Fidya payments)

Why do you not accept Zakat or Fidya payments?

COA prides itself on providing support for whoever comes on Sundays, no questions asked. As a result we cannot means test our guests to ensure Zakat and Fidya payments are paid to eligible individuals.