Want to join us?

We set up our stall on the corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3TL closest to the LSE New Academic building on Sardinia Street every Sunday promptly at 5.30pm. We would love to have you join us!

You can find out more information on our FAQs and How To Find Us pages.

Want to support us but cannot attend?

COA relies on the kindness of our volunteers and donors to ensure our guests receive essential items throughout the year. We are in urgent need of funds to maintain the service we provide every Sunday.

Just £3 is enough to feed one person. Why not set up a direct debt and help London’s most vulnerable through the year.

Al-Mizan Charitable Trust

Sort code: 40-52-40
Account Number: 00095718

Reference: CofA

Please ensure you use the reference.

COA has no overheads so all your donations will be spent on providing for our guests.

(Please note COA cannot accept Zakat/Fidya payments)

Hear what our volunteers have to say!

The dedication of Children of Adam to feed the homeless regularly, every week, is indeed very inspiring as it shows us that we can all do more to help our local community.  Attending Children of Adam also gives us a glimpse of the scale of the homelessness issue in London, which clearly needs to be addressed!– Djouhar

 Homelessness is such a prolific issue in London and it breaks my heart to see people sleeping rough – through Children of Adam I feel like I can do something to help and give back – Suha

“When I first attended Children of Adam I was not in a good place, however, when I saw the elderly and the females guests queuing up to eat in the cold and in the rain, it helped me snap out of my self-inflicted problems. Now I feel both fortunate and honoured to be part of a team of volunteers who dedicate their time (every Sunday, regardless of weather) to help some of the vulnerable and less fortunate. It’s also great to build rapport with some of the guests and in some cases help them with their personal needs, from as little as, just listening or to helping them with their travel passes and attire so that they can start their new job, or providing sleeping bags and rucksacks for those that desperately need them. We are all God’s creations, so where possible we should all help one another.” – G

Homelessness is a real issue that needs to be tackled. Children of Adam helps make a difference to people’s lives and I’m grateful to have the chance to be a part of that. Children of Adam is the perfect way to end the week.– Daniah

I came across Children of Adam on the internet and from the very first Sunday I came to this day; I am amazed at the passion, perseverance and compassion of the volunteers. It is unique and amazing!– Fahad

It’s the best hour of my week, life isn’t just about my struggles and if I can make someone smile for a second and forget their struggle then my time has been worthwhile. – Shatha

Volunteering with Children of Adam means that I can help those who are less fortunate than me, those who are having a hard time within my community. I am not ignoring the people who I see on the street, I am doing something about it. I heard of Children of Adam through a work colleague who encouraged me to attend for one session and I started attending every now and again. I have now been attending Children of Adam almost every single Sunday for the past 2 years. Attending Children of Adam changed my life. I ended up attending regularly and took on other roles for Children of Adam. It is now an instinct to keep Sunday evenings free for Children of Adam, it’s natural. – Amrina

I love to volunteer with the children of Adam whenever I visit London. I recommend anyone traveling from abroad to join in, it really doesn’t take much time, it’s fulfilling beyond words and a great way to give back to the local community. – Anass